Safiyyah Abdullah a.k.a. PhenomenaDa Poet Much of her focus as both teacher and poet has centered around issues of truth, justice, racism, empiricism, colonialism, and spirituality. She was with the Dallas Chapter of the Black Panther Party, worked with various other civil rights groups, has served as a mentor, coach and judge in the MIST (Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament) on both Regional and National levels. As a teacher, she also sponsoring the Debate Club, Drama Club, and the annual Poetry Slam. She has been a Spoken Word artist for about 8 years, performing both nationaly and international at various venues, youth camps, Sunday Schools, workshops, community events, Inter-faith programs, and numerous radio shows.

She was aslo honored to receive an award from the organization Al-Mizan for community activism and poetry, as well as an award from Soapboxx Magazine, also for community activism and poetry. 

He first CD entitled "Somethin' like a Phenomena" has been sold out 3 times. You can find some of her works at: